Tips for having photos taken: bring a change of clothes!

I know your wedding day this may not be feasible. Reception dresses are all the rage now, but I understand that if you spent a lot much money on your dress so you want to get the most of it! But, family photos? engagement? senior portraits? Event head shots and business photos can benefit from a clothing change. So now the question is: What to wear?

Reason 1: To have FUN!
Parents are used to the clothing change of their children during a session but often leave themselves in the same outfit. When having your family photos taken bring a change of clothes for every one. Not only is this helpful in case some one falls and gets their clothes dirty, it helps you get the most out of your shoot. This way you can have your formal portraits done in your Sunday best, then change into something more comfortable so your personality can show through. Some ideas are changing into pajamas for Christmas card photos, kids AND parents wearing the outfit they would wear during their favorite hobby(think son in his little league uniform, daughter in her dance outfit, daddy in his fishing gear and mommy dressed in her gardening clothes!) Or costumes for Halloween! Whatever you want! It’s your shoot, it should be fun!

Reason 2: You may not like what you were wearing later!
Several times I have had clients say they were glad I suggested they bring a change of clothes because outfit one didn’t turn out so great in photos, but outfit two was perfect. You see yourself differently in the mirror than you do in photos. Also, maybe your location clashes with your outfit! Sometimes you put so much thought into your outfit that you forget if it flatters you, or if the colors will work with the location of your shoot. But the second outfit is usually more natural, more comfortable, and more you! And there are the times when that cute short dress makes it hard to get those fun sitting on the ground shots that you want. So have your cake and eat it too, bring two outfits!

Reason 3: Get the most out of your shoot!
How often do you get photos taken by a professional? I’m guessing not very often, so get the most out of your shoot, bring more clothes, and do a double shoot! I’ve had a bride and groom do couples and family photos in regular clothes the morning before their afternoon wedding(see photos below), a college graduate do senior portraits then business photos for new business cards and website, and I’ve done portraits in clothes outside after a boudoir photo-shoot outside. You are paying for the time to do the shoot, so get the most bang for your buck!

Reason 4: Variety!
A different outfit means more photo options when it comes to sending them to friends and family, hanging them on your wall or choosing the best for your website or business card. Different color clothes may match different decor, and your style might change over the years. I suggest your different outfits to be different colors and for one to be as stylish as you are or want to be and for the other to be classic and simple. Plus, some poses may look better in different outfits.

The bottom line is that your shoot should be about you. Make the most of your shoot, have fun and bring a change of clothes!