Tips for having photos taken: When not to wear red

I hope to make this a weekly blog so that when you are ready to have pictures taken you are ready! Many of these tips will be useful whether you hire a professional or are snapping photos with friends and family!

A photograph is a moment in time captured forever, so you want to look your best right?

Right now red lipstick is very trendy, as is a dark smokey eye. In color photographs, with the right lighting (reason why it is good to hire a professional for those important photographs) your make up will look amazing. However, are you considering having some of your photographs done in black and white? Many brides, mothers to be and high school seniors want to have some nice black and white photographs for hanging on the wall, they care classic, beautiful and usually match any decor. First, let your photographer know that you would like some shots turned to black and white. Second, don’t wear red lipstick and don’t have your eye make up too dark.

Red turns to black in black and white photographs. If you are fair skinned it will be even more of a contrast. My suggestion is to start with a more natural pink or nude lip color and half way through your shoot put on the red lipstick! In color it can be a dramatic and pleasing look. Let you photographer know what photos or poses you specifically would consider turning to black and white. When you are ready to do those poses you can take off the red lip color. I always suggest bringing your make up along to a photo shoot for touch ups and this is another good reason.

The dark smokey eye is very in right now and in certain instances, even in black and white photographs, can create a dramatic, sexy look. But are you always going for sexy? On your wedding day you want to look beautiful, young and like yourself! In black and white, the dark smokey eye can make you look kind of like a panda, which is neither sexy nor looking like yourself. This is another instance when I would suggest bringing your make up bag along and maybe at the end of your shoot, apply more make up so you can have the smokey eye in some of your shots!

Also, when it comes to make up, put it on and get some on to snap a few shots of you smiling, not smiling, whatever you would want in your session. it will give you an idea of how your make up will look in photographs!