Stepping out of your comfort zone, its a good idea!

I went wedding dress shopping yesterday. I am already married, but my husband and I had a secret court-house wedding and didn’t tell anyone we were married until months later. We wanted it to be our own special thing, and it was.

But we still want the wedding to celebrate with our friends and family. And, who doesn’t love a good party!

I photograph weddings, I am surrounded by it all the time, and I knew exactly what I wanted. A tea length dress, A-line shape, probably strapless, no or little lace. When I went to David’s bridal, I flipped through the book and picked all the dresses I canted to try on, not all were tea length. I already decided that if I found the perfect dress and it was long, it could be cut. What I didn’t expect was to stop at dress that was more fitted than any dress I have ever been interested it. but it wasn’t trumpet, it’s a gradual transition from fitted to flared, and it has lace detail, and straps, almost an inch thick. I asked for it to be added to the dresses I planned on trying on, knowing it would look horrible on my, to tight for my shape maybe, and that I would just take it off and continue on. But the little bows/ties going down the back were just so cute, I wanted to try it on anyway.

I tried on the two tea length dresses. Eh. One made me look matronly, and the other just didn’t feel pretty enough. I didn’t feel like a bride.

Next came a long poofy princess type dress. And something unexpected happened.

I looked great! The dress was beautiful. My best friend pointed out a small detail that slowly began to make me not like the dress, but that wasn’t the point. I tried something that I didn’t think would suit me and it did.

Then came the dress that was more fitted, with the cute ties down the back, the pretty lace and my knowledge that it wouldn’t look good on my. But, after being surprised by the last dress i tried it any way. Being a little body conscious and very nervous to step out in this gown that hugged my hips, I put it on, let my attendant Jessica zip me up, and I stepped out of the dressing room.

The looks on my sister-in-law and best friend’s face was more than I expected and when I turned to look in the mirror I was blown away. The dress was gorgeous, I looked beautiful in it, and I felt like a bride. Other people standing near by oohed and ahead at my dress and told me how that dress was made for my shape, and it looked great on me. My friend told me I was glowing.

I tried on two more dresses, one that I knew instantly I didn’t like and another, a Vera Wang, that was amazing, but my friend couldn’t get past the little flowers all over it, and it was a huge dress! I worried a bit about moving around in it. They put a veil on me, and it was amazing, but just to be sure I had to try on the one with the little bows one more time.

When I came out in that dress the second time, veil on my head, I felt dizzy with joy. Some one said I was smiling bigger and a lady near by reminded me that I kept that dress on longer than any of the others.

I made my decision. The dress that was way outside of my comfort zone and nothing like I thought I would ever want.

So my advice to all those brides is: try it anyway. You may not like it, but try it. You never know, once you get in that dress, or taste that sample of cake flavor you thought you wouldn’t like, or see that flower you didn’t think would go in the arrangement your florist suggests, that you will love it. I’m not saying take chances on final decisions, but if a vendor asks: would you like to see what ______ would look like? DO IT! Worst that can happen is you say, yep, don’t like that, what else do you have to lose?

Same goes with your photos. If the photographer suggests a pose, try it, especially if you have the time. You obviously want to get in all the poses you know you want, but try something different you, you may be surprised with the results.

link to photo of dress I bought. DO NOT SHOW THIS TO MY HUSBAND!! lol