Cutest Cake Smash (sort of) Ever!

Cake smashes never seem to go the way you expect them. On rare occasion the child will actually smash into the cake and make a mess and it’s loads of fun, but in my experience, by the time babies reach one year old, we have already taught them the importance of washing their hands, so […]

Amy and John’s January Wedding

Amy and John. Wow. If you know these two then you know what true love really looks like. Seeing the way they act with each other reassures me that I found my mate, because they act the way I feel with my husband, and anyone who is in love like that know’s how to recognize […]

Christy and Tyler!

Its been a busy few weeks, shot a wedding, shot Christy and Tyler’s Engagement session (below) and had my own fabulously crazy wedding! Lots of editing and lots of Joy! It was such a joy to work with Christy and Tyler, an absolutely adorable couple who are very much in love with each other! The […]

Stepping out of your comfort zone, its a good idea!

I went wedding dress shopping yesterday. I am already married, but my husband and I had a secret court-house wedding and didn’t tell anyone we were married until months later. We wanted it to be our own special thing, and it was. But we still want the wedding to celebrate with our friends and family. […]

Williford/Smith Wedding

I had the opportunity last month to photograph the wedding of a man I have a lot of respect for. He is an officer in the NC National Guard and was my battalion commander when I was deployed to Iraq in 2009. At the beginning of the deployment I had a chance to switch from […]

Tips for having photos taken: bring a change of clothes!

I know your wedding day this may not be feasible. Reception dresses are all the rage now, but i understand that if you spent a lot much money on your dress so you want to get the most of it! But, family photos? engagement? senior portraits? Event head shots and business photos can benefit from […]

Triangle Krav Maga: Level 1 Test at Carolina Beach

On Labor Day weekend I had the opportunity to photograph eight men and women as they fought to go from level one in Krav Maga to level two with Triangle Krav Maga. ( I am happy to report that all eight of them succeeded in completing the intense test of their skills that lasted more […]

Tips for having photos taken: When not to wear red

I hope to make this a weekly blog so that when you are ready to have pictures taken you are ready! Many of these tips will be useful whether you hire a professional or are snapping photos with friends and family! A photograph is a moment in time captured forever, so you want to look […]

Shelby P.

I had a great shoot on Wednesday with Shelby! She hadn’t had any recent portraits and wanted an update. We took advantage ofthe gorgeous weather right before the storms! Many forget about having portraits made once they leave school. With social media being what it is today and sights like LinkedIn being so popular or […]