Cutest Cake Smash (sort of) Ever!

Cake smashes never seem to go the way you expect them. On rare occasion the child will actually smash into the cake and make a mess and it’s loads of fun, but in my experience, by the time babies reach one year old, we have already taught them the importance of washing their hands, so it goes against everything they know at this impressionable age.

That being said, I love cake smashes. The fact that most kids don’t just smash the cake and react differently then we expect, shows their beautiful personalities and is oh so precious in photos.

This cake smash is one of my all time favorites, even though the cake didn’t get very smashed. Little Miss Ivy had no idea what to do with her adorable bear cake. She petted it, and poked it, and eventually went in for a hands-free mouthful of yellow bear ear.

That look gets me every time. Ivy is such an adorable little girl, who is very full of expression and I am so glad to know her!