Amy and John’s January Wedding

Amy and John. Wow. If you know these two then you know what true love really looks like. Seeing the way they act with each other reassures me that I found my mate, because they act the way I feel with my husband, and anyone who is in love like that know’s how to recognize it. Ahhh, every moment with these two is amazing. I shot engagement photos for these two and then had the joy of capturing their love at their wedding. They were married January 4th, 2014 at the beautiful Matthews House in Cary, N.C. and held their reception there as well. So, with out anymore delay, here is Mr. and Mrs. Beckling!

These two were so much fun. The guys made sure they had time for their own photos before I started working with the ladies. Gentleman, take this advice and make sure you have some one on one time with the photographer for you and you men, it is well worth it as these photos show. Weddings don’t have to be only about the bride!

But the Ladies were just as hilarious! Amy and all her bridesmaids (there were 10!) were such a fun group and for such a large group they were so close. You could tell that Amy and her ladies really care about each other! Not only were they all beautiful on the outside, they were just as beautiful on the inside too. They share the type of friendship every girl hopes she finds! I came into the suite where Amy was getting ready only to find her mom and sisters in the bathtub. Don’t worry, it’s rated G!

The fun didn’t end there. They had just as much of a good time with their photos as the guys did!

I could not have had more fun at a wedding (other than my own of course!) Everything was beautiful the whole evening through. So enjoy some more photos and Congratulations Amy and John, you two are truly Blessed!